Greetings! long time no see. It’s been a while since I have been in the figure scene but I’m happy to be back into it now I have the time and space! I have been itching to improve the pictures I take with reviews so I decided to do a little overhaul on the past set up and equipment I had, especially since I have much more space now. For now, I’ll be reviewing some older figures for when my newer ones arrive this year just to get a little bit more practice!

Starting it off, here we have Ciel Alençon. She’s a character from God Eater 2, a member and a God Eater in the Blood Special Forces. She is one of the main protagonists in God Eater 2, I could ramble on about story and her impact but I suppose this is a spoiler-free area. (  ̄▽ ̄)

She’s quite a quiet and straight forward serious character due to her childhood although It’s quite nice to see that from all the big personalities we have in God Eater, Especially with her fashion, not too flashy aye?

This figure is manufactured by Good Smile Company, with Yuma being the sculptor. I still find it funny to look back at the page and see people complaining about the price of her when she was released since that’s the typical price of figures these days. ノ﹏ヽ)

Ciel is standing at a steady 9inch (230mm) scaled at 1/8. Although she does stick out a bit due to her God Arc and Predator Form being so big. It shouldn’t be a problem for display purposes.

Her base is really cool and one of my favorite parts of this figure. Instead of the usual round plastic-looking bases a lot of figures have, they decided to create an awesome weather-beaten ruined base which 100% fits the theme of the figure and the game’s atmosphere. You always have to appreciate figures when they have awesome fitting bases like this.

She also comes with a weapon stand (smallish clear stand) which I forgot to take a picture of (  ̄▽ ̄). It’s mainly used to hold up her weapon. It’s 100% mandatory to use it for her God Arc because of how heavy and big it is.

The sculpt work they did is super clean, with little to no problems with her carefree assembly. You can see a lot of the details she has from the actual game model, it’s truly great because there are some details I didn’t even know she had.

For her paint, honestly, I would say it’s spotless, they did a super good job and hit all the nails. All the shading captures her outfit and highlights, even for back then I would say shes very much worth that 15k JPY.

Just take a look at those details. The glossy burgundy finish on her boots and those crosshatch boot stockings look great. Along with all the gold metallic highlights around her outfit is a lovely touch.

Here is one of her selling points, Ciels God Arc. The execution with the sculpt and paint is spot on, Super clean and crisp. I especially love the shading applied to give a metallic shiny look to it.

But what’s even cooler than a God Arc? A Predator Form God Arc!!

The fact they decided to go the length of making a God Arc in Predator Form is so awesome! I wish they did this more with the other characters in GE. The sculpt and design work is really awesome, I’d truly say this was a big selling point for me.

Again, I would really recommend using the weapon stand with the Predator Form God Arc due to its size and weight.

Overall, Shes a fantastic figure to have in anyone’s collection. The detail and work put into it really shows, it truly captures her aesthetics and style with the game. That Predator Form god arc will really turn some heads! If you’re able to pick one up for the right price I would definitely recommend her. (  ̄▽ ̄)