Finally after 2 weeks+ I get my Altera. It took so long for her to come out of customs this time, plus they had to open up my box and “investigate” the package, to find…… a figure in there, wow who would of guessed. Damn Altera, I didn’t think you had that much problems with customs, I thought you was doing some illegal business with all the problems you caused me! Don’t worry though, your safe at home now (ㆆᴗㆆ).
But man, that shipping price + customs charge really dealt some damage to my wallet, customs alone was £40 ($50) just for one single item! Plus on top of that they had to charge me for handling it for that long, like what? I couldn’t help that, I had no choice. UK customs is bad civilization.
Anyhow, onto the figure review!

So here we have the beautiful Saber class servant, Altera or Attila the Hun, originally from Fate/Extella, but for this figure, Fate/Grand order. I prefer to call her Altera since she says she would prefer that more, due to it being cute (aaaah so adorable). Altera is more known as being someone of pure destruction, or a king of combat. Although being fearsome she does have a really shy and cute side to her when you get to know her more, which makes Altera one of my favorite servants (´∀`).

On the sides of the box shows her art work which the figure is based from, I’m really happy they put this on the box since the art by Huke is so goood. Also did I mention she was also one of my first 5* servants in FGO, I couldn’t disappoint her with not getting this (´∀`).

Standing at 17inch (445mm)… that’s right, SEVENTEEN inches, she’s scaled at a rather large 1/8 scale, she looks more like a 1/7 to me comparing her to my other 1/7 scale figures. I couldn’t even put her in full frame T v T. She comes with one accessory which is her sword, Photon Ray!!! The War Gods Sword. She doesn’t have any removable parts, I say this since I saw a few asking if her veil was removable.

Her base is great, as expected, it’s the one from the artwork. They did a great job at shading the base, but I do worry that overtime she will start tilting, I hope not though
One thing I wish they did differently though is the transparent brown base, I think it would be much better if they made the bottom a grey matte to match the main part of the base.

Altera is in her third ascension outfit, which is of course, is the better out the three in my opinion. They did such a superb job at getting the pose right from Huke’s artwork, and the sculpt work is just so good! All the details from the outfit are on point. Even parts you cant really see, depending on how you display her, are greatly detailed.

Her body is nicely sculpted. Look at all those curves, and the rib cage pushing out like that is a lovely touch.

Her body is nicely sculpted. Look at all those curves, and the rib cage pushing out like that is a lovely touch.

Take a look at the sculpt work on her bottom half of the outfit! Man it looks awesome. And Making the end of her veil transparent is a really nice addition to the figure, it really adds that dimension coming from the artwork.

The paint job on Altera is outstanding, its all crisp with no mistakes! All the details, the shading and the print is just up to standard, they really did a great job on her. One complaint I do have though is that she has a little dot on her face, I felt a lump so its probably not a paint mark unfortunately. You can hardly really see it though so I’m not going to worry or complain too much about it. Other than that, they did a flawless job.

Her shoes also have a transparent glossy finish on it.

Here is her sword, Photon Ray. I love all the technical parts of it. They did a great job, the look is defiantly accurate and the paint job is amazing. I’m loving the photon part of her sword too, the transparent material they used really suits it well. Although, I have heard about a problem with her sword from some owners, the handle seems to be warped which really sucks. If you was one of those unlucky few, you can fix it by using a heat source like a hair dryer or hot water and slowly bend it back into place. But please be careful and do this with patience to avoid damage, this is at your own risk.

Overall I think this figure is 100% worth putting in your collection and I hope you guys can pick one up! I’m certain you will love her as much as I do. From her paint, to her sculpt and even box design is lovely to the eye.
She just recently came out last month so I’m sure there will still be reasonable sales going around still from sellers!