Phew, a new figure review at last! I haven’t really got around to taking photos of new figures I brought, I still have 4 of them boxed. (T▽T)
I’ll try get the out and reviewed at ASAP Mainly because I really want to display them ≧ω≦

Also I hope everyone is doing well in these rough times again! Stay safe! We’re back under lockdown here in the UK, so I guess more time for figure stuff eheheh

Alright! This time we will be reviewing an Original Character illustrated by Neco. She is called Roku, from the Heavily Armed High School Girls series. Man I just love Neko’s art, go check them out on twitter!

Roku here is manufactured by Magic Mould, which also takes my spot for my first figure manufactured by Magic Mould! Unfortunately the box is quite boring, in my opinion it doesn’t suit the aesthetic of the figure at all, which is a shame really because I feel they could have done so much more! One thing that stands out is the art on the back.

Roku is standing at 11.7inch (300mm) scaled at 1/7. What isn’t stated is with her bow, she’s standing at around 14.5 inches, so make sure she can fit your display! Roku comes with a total of 6 parts, her bow, hand, 2 arrows, base and a skirt that is cast-off.

Her base has a pretty sleek design. With its edgy and futuristic look it easily fits with Roku’s style! The base is also where the figures height comes from. I’m not sure what the writing means though, maybe I’m not meant to? (=v= )

It’s pretty cool that they included a spare hand incase you don’t…. or cant, display her with her bow. Although the bow is a big selling point for me. She is also in a quite interesting pose, as if she’s midst battle, about to fire off a big attack!

Roku has quite a spaced out look to her face, Its’s actually really cute the way she’s glazing. I also want to mention her eyes, they do have a really awesome look to them, but I do wish they were a bit more bold, like how they are in the preview photos. They just look a bit faded and plain.

Her hair sculpt is pretty good, it does get a bit messy at the back though. The grey gradient shading is nice and silky smooth, it looks great with her eyes and outfit! I like her head part too. The paint could be little cleaner around this area, but thats just me being picky.

Roku’s jacket is one part I really love about her outfit, it just fit’s so perfectly with her overall look. The red accent on her pockets look great as well, especially due to the metallic paint they used. I do wish the paint job was a bit more smooth as it does look rough on some parts. And of course, once again, Belts and straps!

Under her coat she is rocking the school shirt, as implied by the title of the series she’s from.

The skirt she’s wearing is well sculpt and shaded. As you can also see underneath she is wearing some combat belts, quite an awesome touch, you will be able to see more of that below on the NSFW section.

For her below half, roku is wearing a single brown (Translucent?) thigh high tights. I really love the sculpt on the tight, you can see the folds where the leg bends. also the shading looks really great.

now this brings us to her trademark high heels, man don’t they look interesting! The futuristic mech look to them look really cool! and the paint on them look great! Metallic paint really makes a big difference to make it stand out.

Of course with a bow, you need a quiver, of course it’s not an ordinary one too. This quiver holds 3 arrows and looks technical, I wonder what happens when she runs out of arrows?

Overall the paint and sculpt on it looks awesome! My only problem with it though is the arrow on the far left, it like it needs to bend to actually fit it in as the coat is blocking the hole where you need to put the arrow in. So if you also have this problem do be careful not to break the arrow.

And of course as you saw above, this figure has a cast-off part, which is her skirt. Its actually quite cute to have her in just her panties as ridiculous as it looks.

Here’s her without her coat covering her lower half. Gotta appreciate the detail on the panties though! Nice sculpt with the folds and light pink shading. You can see a bit more of that combat belt I was talking about above.

And best until last, we have her awesome looking bow! This will be a big selling point for some people. The metallic bronze accents and the overall style of the bow looks awesome. Great sculpt! The only thing I would have liked more is if they didn’t use glossy paint on the main areas of the bow, it kinda takes away from the edgy shapes of the bow.

Overall This figure has its pros and cons. Mainly for the cons i’d have say for the paint in some areas, like the hair and her school shirt. There are some questionable areas that just look… rough? coarse? It s a shame because the rest of the paint job is spotless.
They did a great job on the sculpt especially for the coat she wears and you gotta love the cast-off parts and the freedom to be able to display her with or without her bow.

Overall I’m quite satisfied with Magic Mould’s Roka!