Greetings, 2020 is still once again coming up with more surprises, not very good ones too, man hasn’t 2020 been an eventful one. Figure collecting is still growing strong though! Although, it’s quite sad to see so many figures being priced so high these days, it’s becoming to be a normal thing, unfortunately. UNLIKE THIS FIGURE, I’m impressed!

Here we have [ B ], an original character, from A-Z: series illustrated by Neco. I just love this style of character, futuristic street wear is right up my alley! It kinda gives me an Arknights vibe if you have ever played that mobile game.

This figure is manufactured by Myethos. It’s actually my first Myethos figure and I’m really satisfied with the quality when you include the price of the figure. Her box is almost all clear plastic with decals around the edges. I’d have to say that it’s really fitting for a figure of this line. It smelt like hand sanitizer when I opened her up, which is completely understandable in the current events hahah. Plus I didn’t have to take pictures of the blister because its transparent, eheh (´꒳` )

[ B ] is standing at 9.75inch (250mm) scaled at 1/7 and comes with 4 parts. Herself, base, Sword, and sword sheath.

Her base is really nice, it fits with the figure and its aesthetics really well without overdoing it. I’m happy its just not a plain disk base. I feel like more figure line-ups need to start doing things like this to make them more interesting.

[ B ] here has quite a serious look on her face, quite emotionless, but that is not a bad thing. The sculpt is really good looking and super clean. This figure as an overall is a very clean one, it was hard to find any errors on her. Ones I did find were just small places where it was not painted sharp or the odd transfer. I just love how her hair falls into her scarf! Although her hair has quite a different colour compared to the preview images we get, its waaay browner in comparison. I kinda do wish it was the purplish-white colour in the preview, but I actually don’t mind brown as it still fits.

Her jacket is packed! There are so many cool things about it. The mix between combat gear and school wear just fits so well. It really reminds me of my PSO2 character (´꒳` ). It’s also layered inside as you can see. It’s a nice touch to not hide layered clothing, and they took advantage of that by giving it an effect as it was blowing in the wind. And of course BELTS AND STRAPS!

Just look at those tiny decal details, Perfectly placed.

Here we have her lower half. She’s wearing a skirt, no surprise here. Not only that, we have some combat leg pouches equipped. It’s a really nice addition to her overall aesthetic.
She also has a small ID badge hidden under there. Shiny school shoes!

Now her sword and sword sheath have to be the coolest part of this figure, because damn it looks good!

The sheath has some super details to it. All the components and mechanical parts look really clean. The futuristic style really stands out with this, it has a MG Raiden vibe to it! Also, the paint job is just great, they did a clean job on the metallic parts.

Overall I’m really impressed with this figure. Really clean paint, awesome sculpting, well-placed decals, cool weapons, what’s not to love! If you love this style of figure then I’d definitely consider picking this one up. Especially since she’s only priced at 12.5k retail!! It’s definitely a steal. I’m really excited to see ITEM #970343 . Hopefully, Myethos keeps this quality up! (´∀` )