Heeey, it’s been a while again. Hasn’t 2020 been an eventful one so far, I hope everyone is safe in this rough patch. I had many figures planned to be spread out throughout this year since I’m focusing to review newer figures, but the cursed delays strike again. So many figures of mine got pushed to June, which is not ideal since that’s going to be a bombshell on my bank account ノ﹏ヽ). I’m also really surprised that Eresh got sent out in good timing due to all the things happening, so big props to BigInJapan! Anyhow onto the review.

In this review, we have the beautiful Goddess and ruler of the Underworld, Ereshkigal, from Fate/Grand Order. You may have seen her in all her glory from the new FGO Babylonia anime. Like Ishtar, she took the form and appearance of Rin Tosaka. Who doesn’t love rin faces right?? (´∀` ).

Man I’m still so sad she didn’t come to my Chaldea when I rolled for her, hopefully, she comes home soon! ノ﹏ヽ)

This figure is once again manufactured by Aniplex as an exclusive. If you brought Ishtar you HAVE to get Ereshkigal to go with her! Her box is quite fitting, it has accents and colors which show on her outfits, Overall well compromised. What they did do differently this time though, instead of having a window on one of the sides of the box, they did a sorta full art of the figure with the underworld background, you have to appreciate when they do these!

Ereshkigal is standing at 10inch (260mm) scaled at 1/7. I don’t think that measurement includes her spear though, id says with the spear it’s about 13inch. Ereshkigal comes in 4 parts. Herself, Base, base peg support, and her spear.

Her base is again nothing special or spectacular, as I always say, I’m not a fan of the bases Aniplex makes for their fate figures, especially with the price you pay for figures like this, It’s a little like something you would expect from a prize figure.

Ereshkigal is dressed in her second ascension outfit this time, I’m really glad they chose this one because it’s by far the most interesting out of the 3 outfits she has. Especially with her leg armor… One leg armor, and super cool skeleton accents. It makes her look like she’s a Goddess of the Underworld! They did a great job of capturing her image from the art.

They did a wonderful job on her face sculpt, it captures her confident face she always likes to put on. Although we all know she is shy and caring hehe

Her hair is also nicely sculpted and painted. A lot of the time hair can look blocky so kudos to the sculptor who did this one as it looks wonderful!

As you can see in the upper part of her outfit, they did a great job at the detailing, sculpting, and paint! I’m really happy with the outcome. There are a few errors like some marks on the black areas of the outfit and some paint transfer but it’s not that noticeable so I’m okay with it! I’m really loving the skulls and the gold metallic highlights. Looks very clean.

Even Goddesses of the Underworld sometimes have bad nail days it seems. (´∀`)

Likewise with her top half, below is really well done. I’m in love with her leg armor! The detailing and sculpt is really cool and well done, its for sure my favorite part of the figure. I really like the red marking on her thigh too, some details you only see once you get the figure. (´∀`)

Another example of something you only see once you get the figure is the crest on the back of her cape, I never knew that existed! I’m not sure if it means something or if it’s just a design, do let me know if you know of it. The paint on her cape is lovely, The deep purple and the gold reflecting from it just looks wonderful. A beautiful color combination. I would recommend you to use the support peg that goes under the cape due to it being so heavy.

Here we see her spear, the blazing soul of Meslamtaea. Typically I’m not the biggest fan of these big translucent effect parts of figures, but ill let this one pass since its actually part of the artwork, and it looks much better than the average you get on some figures. As for some, they look blocky and kinda cheap looking, but this one has a nice look with the shape it’s taken. The color of it looks great too, instead of being one flat yellow color, there are white accents mixed within it. It would be cool though if we got an option to use her First ascension spear!

Also, the spear seems to be cut in half but connected by other parts of the electric effect, I’m not 100% sure if its meant to be like that since the instructions didn’t say anything about it, I was really scared because I thought it was broken at first but I’m pretty sure it’s so you can take it out her hand if needed. If you own this figure It would be great if you could confirm it!

Overall I’m really happy with the outcome of this figure, she’s a real showpiece and looks great alongside Ishtar when displayed! I look forward to seeing more with Aniplex since they once again came out on top with a really nice quality figure! You can find her for around 18,000 JPY, let’s hope aftermarket won’t cause too much damage! So do pick her up if you are a lover of rin faces!!
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