Oof, I haven’t written a review in a long time, I had these pictures for quite a while but never really got around to writing this one. I have a few figures still in boxes which I wanna do to huhu. Shipping has been rough with SAL being suspended too. Feels nice to be writing one again though!

So today we will be reviewing a figure that got delayed into oblivion. Man I was really excited for this figure because of it’s style and fashion, and i’m super happy with the results!

This character is called Torabishi Lana, she is one of LM7 original characters. LM7 has been my favourite artist for a really long time now so this figure was a must get of mine. Check him out on twitter!

This character is called Torabishi Lana, she is drawn and designed originally by LM7. LM7 has been my favourite artist for a really long time now so this figure was a must get of mine. Check him out on twitter!

Huke was also in the works of this figure, he set this project up.

The box to you might not look all that interesting, but it suits the figure in my opinion, it has that luxury feeling, while also being modern at the same time. It’s a really pleasant box for how simple it is, it just works!

This figure comes with 2 parts, her wand and the base, she stands at 13.5inches when attached to her base scaled at 1/7.

Her base is actually quite fitting to how neat and clean this figure is. It has a really nice marble effect to it. It gives the figure a more luxury feeling to it. Overall it really does suit the figures aesthetic.

Lana here has such a cute face. She has a nice welcoming, friendly smile. Her eyes and the colours really suit her overall shades too. The shading on the face look great too, especially with the subtle blush she has.

Her hair sculpt looks great, the wavy hair is well executed and it looks wonderful with how it folds into her coat. Also the shading looks superb, it gives the hair a lot more dimension. My only complaint is that the hair is not as dark and rich as the display photo, its a bit more saturated and lighter.

She’s also wearing a metallic looking flower headband. That silver metallic paint looks really nice, its not too sparkly which doesn’t make it too flashy, which fits with the overall style.

Also to mention, those butterflies on her outfit are brass etched, along with her coat zipper and wand details. This is really cool and impressive, it adds another level of detail!

Lana’s coat is actually super cool. It has my weakness which is layers, I really love it!
It has a very modern streetwear look to it, it’s not too edgy and has a bit of elegancy to it. The fashion of her outfit is a big selling point for me.

Theres many details which are covered by the coat, as you can see with the decals. The paint job on it is also very nice, it has a nice vibrant orange under-layer, and cool collared shirt underneath. The zipper details are so well made, those brass etchings really do make a difference.

The back of her coat looks really cool too, especially with that belt buckle and the apparent layers under the coat. Beautifully sculpted!

Her legs also have some nice shading, they look really cute with her big coat and boots
I do wish the boots fit more flush with the base though.

Cute pink nails

Here we have her wand/rod/staff whichever it may be called. I really love the brass etching, it gives it multiple layers of detail. The sculpt of it is really nice too with little imperfections. It’s also not too flashy which goes greatly with her whole outfit.

Overall I really love this figure, its probably one of my favourites right now. The whole style, fashion, sculpture, design and paint job is superb. This figure feels rich and luxurious too which makes the figure feel really special. Being from my favourite artist may be another reason why haha, but overall it’s a beautiful figure from trikt and GSC.