Woo! This review came late. This figure arrived at the same time as [ B ], now
ITEM #517119 has arrived too uhuhuh. I’m really happy to finally own a PSO figure since its probably my all time favorite game! I put so many hours in pso2jp. I do wish they would broaden the characters they turn into full scales though. Let’s get into it.

Here we have Jene from Phantasy star online (PSO). She originated from the mobile game PSO2es,
it’s basically like a small version of pso2 – it’s pretty cool because the loot you get from the mobile game can be transferred into the main game, pretty nifty if you’re on the go!

This figure is manufactured by Kotobukiya. It’s my first time picking up a figure by Kotobukiya, and I’m really happy with the results. The box itself is not bad, it’s actually really small compared to figure box sizes these days, so yay to storage! The box overall has some nice touches to it. And good job for them showing the art! I love it when companies do this. It also has the PSO2 shop lobby in the background! Overall a pretty cool box!

Jene is standing at 8.74inch (224mm) scaled at 1/7. She actually only comes in one single part since she is screwed to the base. Man, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a figure screwed into its base. It’s understandable though due to her base design.

Fitting with the overall PSO theme, her base does it well. Although being simple, it just works really well! I do wish it was a bit more sturdy and heavier since the base doesn’t really sit flat on a surface.

Just look how happy Jene is here. She actually has a really nice face sculpt. The paint work is also really clean, look at that adorable blush, and how can you hate a girl with a fang! (´∀` )

Her hair sculpt is also wonderful. The paint job and shading is really clean and looks great!

Her jumper is very cute, I really love the red highlights. Although on some parts it feels like they went a bit overboard on the purple shading. ( ̄▽ ̄)

The jumper is a bit weird around the chest area. It wraps around too much, which shouldn’t really
happen. I do see this quite often on figures with this kind of dressing. But it’s understandable for appeal.

Her bottom half is also really nice looking! I love her armoured parts! I think I’m just too much of a fan of this kind of appeal ahaha. There is one mistake I have found though-

There’s a brown scuff mark on her leg, It’s quite noticeable which is sad! It’s a shame really because other than that I didn’t find any more errors.

Now then, let’s take a look at her beautiful looking unit parts!

The sculpt and paint job on these are just awesome! I really love the rear unit especially, look at that gradient on the clear plastic! The gold metallic and green highlights are really clean and sharp, I didn’t really find any transfers. I’m kinda sad I missed out on Matoi’s preorder, maybe ill pick her up one day.

Overall I’m really happy with Jene, the paint job is flawless, and the sculpt is of great quality (excluding that one scuff mark). The units/armored parts are just so awesome to look at. I’m a massive fan of intricately designed armored sculpts so this figure already gained a great opinion from me from the start. The only cons with this figure in my opinion are the overuse of purple shading on the white areas of the clothing and the flimsiness of the base, which I think could have been a little sturdier to better complement the figure. Other than that, amazing figure from Kotobukiya!