Funny story about this figure, alongside my usual bad luck with postage. Crunchy roll had a vendor delay, which means my girl only got sent out at the start of this year. It was really disappointing after ordering at the start of 2018 and having to wait a month and a bit for it to be sent, there’s nothing you can really do about it. The customer service was great though!

Anyway onto the review!

Here we have the goddess of beauty, good harvests, war, lust, discord and fertility, Ishtar, from Fate/Grand Order. She appears as one of the main characters in the Babylonia chapter, which is also getting an anime! So if you love Ishtar like me, keep an eye out for that. Babylonia is a wild one! Also +1 for being a Rin face (≧∀≦ )

Personality wise, she’s quite spoiled ha! She loves everything beautiful, and she’s quite self-centered, although, she doesn’t separate herself from humans and gods compared to others, which makes her a lot more free spirited than most goddess and gods around that time. She plays such a great character in Babylonia, especially with Ereshkigal, which of course, I have ordered her from Aniplex to go with Ishtar eheh!

This figure is manufactured by Aniplex. After seeing it advertised somewhere for the first time, I knew I had to own this figure, and I’m so glad I did. The box design is just right for Ishtar. Gold, shiny and just beautiful! The color’s really pop.

Ishtar is Standing at 13inch (350mm). She’s scaled at 1/7. She’s quite a wide figure due to the fact shes equipped with her weapon “Boat of Heaven Maanna”, which funny enough is a bow and an airship, pretty useful right? Accessory wise, she just has her spear and no removable parts.

Her base is the usual Aniplex fate base, personally, I’m not much of a fan of them. I was really hoping for a cool base for Ishtar.
One big throw off on her base is the seat she sits on.

Honestly, for floating characters, these are the worst kind of stands, if the seat is not secure enough on the figure it will fall over easily, which unfortunately Ishtar does a lot if you’re not careful. She has fallen over a few times in my cabinet which resulted in the tips of her hair losing paint. It’s kinda scary to open the cabinet in fear that she will fall over from the shaking (;・∀・)….. Also, I wouldn’t recommend putting blue tack or sticky product on her butt, I did that with another figure one time and after some time it stained the skin pretty badly. (Unless you have some kind of stainless stuff)

Ishtar is in her first ascension outfit in FGO. The pose she’s in is based on her art in the game which they did a spotless job at doing. Looking at the art and figure, there isn’t really anything I would really change. She does have a more mischevious look on her face with the figure though, which I kinda love (〃▽〃)

The sculpt and paint work on her, in my opinion, is flawless. They did a super good job on it. All the small details they managed to capture really shows. I couldn’t really find any mistakes on her! The paint job is really crisp which I’m really happy to see!

The Her hair looks just as it should look, she’s floating in space in her art, as she is the goddess of Venus. Making floating hair look blocky is something I see quite a bit on some figures. The sculptor did a great job at making her hair look like its flowing in zero gravity.

The shading quality on her skin is really nice. It’s great to see the small things, like her spine pushing through there. All the way to smaller parts like her feet, it shows great sculpt and shading.

Her clothing on her back has some pretty shading. The tinted blue highlight really brings out the ripples and folds on it.

Here is her spear. It comes in two parts so you can properly fit it in her hands. The paint job on it is crispy and sharp. I love the twirling part at the back of the spear.

Now onto her massive weapon, “Boat of Heaven Maanna”.

I couldn’t fit it fully into frame unfortunately but this thing is massive! It’s really a showpiece and I’m super happy they included it! It wouldn’t be Ishtar without her ever so trusting airship bow hybrid. It’s quite weighty too, which feels really nice, it’s kinda like holding a mini bow of some sort.

The sculpt work they did on this is amazing. They captured all the details on it, Even the parts we don’t see in the artwork. The bowstring is also a separate free-flowing part which is a nice touch instead of it being stuck in a still solid position.

Paintwork is on top as usual. all the vibrant colors really pop, especially the red strands. You can see how much effort they put in this with the small details and patterns.

Overall Ishtar is a real beauty. She really stands out when she’s with all your other figures! Usually, she’s the first thing people talk about when they see my cabinets.
The only fault I have with this figure is the seat shes positioned on, Its really troublesome and can actually cause damage to the figure if she falls, I would rather have a metal rod up her butt than praying that shes balanced properly. Other than that, a great piece!
I hope to see the same quality on Ereshkigal!